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« From Every Side of the Wall» is a podcast created during the 7th edition of the « Israel-Palestine : pour mieux comprendre » by the two non-profit organisations, Actions In the Mediterranean and Urbanisa’son.

For a whole year, a group of young students from Brussels posed these questions pertaining to the complexity of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. That year, podcast workshops were offered to hear what these participants had to say.


Check out these podcasts that will take you on this unique humane journey !

Episode 1 : Eclosion

Read here or listen in on ArteRadio

Episode 3 : Voices rise

Read here or listen in on ArteRadio

Episode 2 : Throughout the different narratives

Read here or listen in on ArteRadio

Episode 4 : Minds open up

Read here or à écouter sur ArteRadio

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